About Us

About us

Zone-Ex Engineering covers all major engineering disciplines related to the Energy Sector. Our staff is multi-skilled in all areas of engineering and is devoted to design solutions to suit clients’ individual requirements.

The Engineering and Design Department is responsible for producing a full range of documents required for project implementation, such as basic engineering documents, material requisitions, data sheets, material take-offs and drawings. Furthermore, the Engineering department supports on-site activities through preparing detailed work procedures, methods of statement and other guide documents related to site activities.

In addition to grass-root turnkey projects, our Engineering and Design department provides complete project redesign solutions. By combining experience and modern techniques, we are able to integrate new technologies with existing outdated facilities, thus providing our clients with the most economically viable solutions.

Our Consulting Services relate to environmental management systems, waste management, water resources management, environmental action plans, environmental protection and energy related studies, as well as a wide range of Feasibility Studies related to the Energy Sector. In the past we have successfully provided Consulting Services to various international corporations and national organizations such as the IFC, Federal Ministry of Environment, etc.

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