Certification & training

In the scope of the Directive, Zone-Ex Engineering keeps giving services of Certification, Inspection and Testing.

Moreover, Zone-Ex Engineering gives trainings in the scope of NFPA and ATEX Directives.

To reduce fire risks in explosive or flammable atmospheres, the right protective measures should be put in place. EN 60079 gives practical guidelines for the installation of electrical equipment in areas with dangerous quantities of flammable gases, vapors, mists or dusts that could lead to an explosion under normal or faulty conditions. This standard not only gives best practice recommendations for electrical safety, but also defines procedures for the maintenance, repair, reconditioning and renovation of equipment. 

Generally repairs, major maintenance, to bring operational and modifications associated with instructions for certified devices designed for use in explosive atmospheres and is a document that should be taken by the competent authorities. Our organization has accreditation by the European Union and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

EN 60079-19 : Explosive atmospheres -Part 19: Equipment repair, overhaul and reclamation
EN 60079-17 : Explosive atmospheres -- Part 17: Electrical installations inspection and maintenance

The following workplaces and industries according to ATEX / NFPA Standards have been our main scope of work:
- Mining
- Oil & Gas Industries
- Military Industries
- Chemical Industries
- Other Hazardous Classified Industries

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